Product Care

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MCM House prides itself on using solid timber for its natural character and texture. Given the nature of this material, there are some things you can do to ensure it ages well.


Direct sunlight will take a heavy toll on many materials with solid timber and Italian linen as no exceptions. Where possible, keep items out of direct sunlight.


Moisture is an important factor in many climates and extended exposure to moisture can deteriorate fabrics and timbers.

Always try to:

  • Keep doors closed
  • Keep table surfaces dry


MCM House uses fabrics that can be dry cleaned or washed in domestic washing machine. When washing your covers at home, it is important that you wash in cold water and line dry only. When dry-cleaning your sofa covers, please ensure that the dry cleaner knows the fabric composition of your cover.

For your reference, please find a list below:

  • Joe Range, 100% Linen
  • Banjo Range, 50% Linen, 50% Cotton
  • Rex Range, 20% Linen, 50% Viscose 50%, 30% Polyester
  • Jac chairs, 100% Linen
  • Motti, 22% Linen, 12% Cotton, 66% Viscose
  • Boxster, 35% Polyester, 52% Viscose, 13% Linen
  • Milan, 50% Viscose, 20% Linen, 30% Polyester
  • Hampton, 100% Linen
  • Holt, 45% Cotton, 55% Linen
  • Nature Boy, 45 % Cotton, 55 % Linen


MCM uses leather on some items for its soft feel and durability. When washing leather we recommend first wiping with a dry cloth to remove dust. Over time, oil and dirt can build up on the surface of the leather that can be easily cleaned with window detergent. Simply spray some window detergent onto a cloth to dampen it and then wipe the surface of the leather.

Be sure to always do a test patch.